Join / Renew

How to join Bournemouth u3a

You can join Bournemouth u3a at any time of the year. Renewals take place from the beginning of July. (The subscription year runs from September 1 to August 31)

  • Current annual membership donation (renewals in July)
  • Spring and Summer terms only
  • Summer term only
  • If you currently belong to another u3a Group
  • £66
  • £44
  • £22
  • a discount of £4 applies to the above donation.

Choose one of the following ways either to join or to renew your membership

To Join

Download the Membership Form (click on the link below). Complete it, scan and email it to : info@bournemouthu3a.org.uk.

Membership Donation is payable online to the account details provided on the attached New Members form. Ref: Your Name.

The Membership Card will be emailed to you and you can either print it out or store it on your phone.

To Join

Download the Membership Form (click on the link below). Fill it in and send it , with a cheque made out to Bournemouth u3a, to the address on the form.

Please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope so that we can return your application confirming your Group(s) and a Membership Card.

Keeping your personal records up to date

If you need to make changes to your name, telephone number, email or postal address then log onto Beacon by clicking on the button below. The Beacon System is used to keep your records securely. We will not share your personal records with any other organisation without your permission.


All members agree to:

  • abide by the Principles of the u3a movement,
  • act in the best interests of our u3a,
  • not behave in such a way as to bring our u3a into disrepute,
  • abide by the provisions of the Constitution of our u3a,
  • treat fellow members with respect and courtesy,
  • comply with and support the decisions of the elected Committee,
  • making the necessary changes to their personal details in Beacon or advising the Office (in writing) of any changes.
  • only store and use your data for the membership activities of our u3a,
  • use your data to communicate with you as a member (and this includes sending your name and address to our printer who distributes our newsletters),
  • use your data to inform the Group Leaders of those Groups that you have applied for and are a member of. 
  • Membership of a u3a is open to all in their third age, which is defined not by a particular age but by a period in life in which full time employment has ceased. 
  • Members promote the values of lifelong learning and the positive attributes of belonging to a u3a. 
  • Members should do all they can to ensure that people wanting to join a u3a can do so. 
  • Members form interest groups covering as wide a range of topics and activities as they desire; by the members, for the members. 
  • No qualifications are sought or offered. Learning is for its own sake, with enjoyment being the prime motive, not qualifications or awards. 
  • There is no distinction between the learners and the teachers; they are all u3a members. 
  • Each u3a is a mutual aid organisation, operationally independent but a member of The Third Age Trust, which requires adherence to the guiding principles of the u3a movement. 
  • No payments are made to members for services rendered to any u3a. 
  • Each u3a is self-funded with membership subscriptions and costs kept as low as possible. 
  • Outside financial assistance should only be sought if it does not imperil the integrity of the u3a movement.