Petanque: Beginners & Improvers

Status:Active, open to new members
When: Weekly on Wednesdays 2:00 pm
Every week of the year, apart from a fortnight's break at Christmas and a couple of other Club events.
Venue: Muscliff Park Petanque Club

This Group provides an opportunity to learn Pétanque, to improve your skills, and to enjoy a social (but competitive) sporting challenge at the invitation of Muscliff Park Pétanque Club (Shillingstone Drive, BH9 3LR). We meet every Wednesday and join in with the Club's members. A qualified coach is available most weeks. Members need to arrive by 1.30pm, and to be ready to start playing promptly at 2pm. If required, the Club can provide equipment. The first three visits are free; thereafter, members pay £1 per session (but this is waived if the u3a member is also a member of the Club (£25 per annum)). Members must wear shoes with a toe covering. The contact details of GL Chris will be shared after registration. (Please note that you can choose this outdoor Group in addition to the restricted number of indoor Groups on the application form.)